EnGenius (2) ENH500 WIFI Bundle Kit


Brand: EnGenius

Product Description

  • ENH500 WIFI Bundle Kit brings networking to a new level
  • ENH500 WIFI Bundle Kit provides long range OUTDOOR 5GHz Wireless N300 Bridge
  • The high-powered, long-range ENH500 is a Wireless N300 Client Bridge operating in the 5 GHz frequency band. As a result, when associated with a 5 GHz Wireless Access Point it avoids the more congested 2.4 GHz frequency band all together.
  • Utilizing its integrated internal 13 dBi directional antenna and its high power output of up to 600mW, the ENH500 delivers higher throughput point-to-point range of up to 1 mile.
  • Acts as an extension of an existing home or small business network for video streaming and voice/data Iintensive applications
  • IP55-Rated Enclosure
  • Operation Modes:
    1. Client Bridge
    2. Client Router
    3. WDS
    4. Access Point
    5. LAN DHCP
    6. server/client VPN: Pass-through Bridging: PPPoE in Client Router mode, PPTP for implementing VPNs
    7. Frequency: 5GHz Data Rate
    8. Up to 300 Mbps Memory
    9. 32 megabytes Power Consumption
    10. Up to 9W Power Requirements: PoE, AC Adapter 24V/1A
    11. Protocols: 802.11a/n, 802.3, 802.3u
    12. Ports: 2 LAN RJ 45 Fast Ethernet (1 PoE)
    13. LEDs: Power, LAN1, LAN2, WLAN, 3x Link Quality (Client Bridge mode)
    14. QoS: Wireless Multimedia (WMM)
  • Security: WPA/WPA2 Personal, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise, 802.1x RADIUS Supplicant (Client Bridge mode), Hide SSID in beacons, Hidden SSID broadcast, MAC Address Filtering up to 50 fields