Cortelco 122000TP227S 2-Line CID Business Tel.


Brand: Cortelco

Product Description

- Flash (100/300/600 mSec)- Hold with Indicator- Redial- Pause- Mute with Indicator- Desk/Wall Mountable- 2.5 mm Headset Jack- Speakerphone- Caller ID/Call Waiting (Memory for 50 Calls)- Wide Angel, Adjustable LCD- Voice Mail Indication (FSK/Stutter/90V/24V)- On Hook Pre-dial- Directory Button (Save up to 99 Names & Numbers)- Five One-Touch/Five Two-Touch Speed Dial- Programmable Flash Time (100/120/300/600 mSec)- Handset Receive Volume Control (8 Levels)- Programmable Ring Cadence (12 Positions)- Programmable Ring Volume (4 Levels/Off)- Data Port on Line 2- Headset Button, Release Button- 7-10-11 Button- Three Languages (English/French/Spanish)- Programmable Area Code- Programmable LDS Code- Programmable PBX Access Code- Programmable VIP Alert- Clock- Call Timer- 7.5V DC Adaptor